Be your own best friend. Get to know yourself. Love yourself. Most importantly, trust and forgive yourself.

Trust and Forgiveness in Self-Friendship

Since I began this experience of exploring my old poetry, I’ve realized the shorter poems resonate more. There’s something about the simplicity of words that is powerful. Today’s poem amounts to all of five lines and I think it’s one of my best. It has to do with friendship of yourself. Continue reading

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I loved my family and obsessed about all the things they could do with their lives if I stopped existing.

Understanding Reasoning of the Depressed

Last week, depression and mental illness made big news with the passing of actor and comedian Robin Williams. No matter what the doctors on the TV say about this being the moment we will finally have an open discussion on mental illness, I always hear the same comments. How could they be so selfish? How could they not see how much they were loved? I’m not about to sit here and say I understand. All I have is the depression of my teen years. Still, that’s enough for me to see how misguided and nearly insulting those questions are. Continue reading

Silver Shaowss

Book Review: Silver Shadows by Richelle Mead

nerdy side 2I’m not sure I have the words to properly describe Silver Shadows. The first three books in this series didn’t impress me much, so I wasn’t prepared for what I encountered when I started turning pages. This was one of those books where my face twisted with disgust on some pages. Other times, I couldn’t take it and slammed the book shut. These are all good signs, though. the book is meant to be a bit terrifying. Richelle Mead did good work, because I had at least two dreams involving restraints and needles while I made my way through her latest book. Continue reading

It's almost like I haven't become a writer, I've always been a writer.

Stream of Consciousness 022


Since I’ve taken Tuesday and Thursday off of blogging, I feel like I’ve gotten better at responding to comments. That said, I still have comments waiting for responses. I haven’t forgotten you guys! Please believe me when I say I have read every one of your comments but I don’t always have the ability to respond when I read them. Actually, it seems I rarely have the time to respond when I read them. Does that happen to other bloggers? Well, the takeaway here is that you’re reply is coming and I would be more than thrilled if my reply sprung a longer discussion. Don’t think I’m not paying attention just because a post is a few weeks old! Continue reading

We can't just waltz into these other countries with our Western-based ideas about equality and human rights expecting to be taken seriously.

Cultural Complexities of Eradicating Female Genital Mutilation (FGM)

Much of what I write is based of of things I see or hear in every day life. It should go without saying, then, that many of these topics are based on American life and American issues. I’m not blind when it comes to world wide issues, though – especially when it comes to women. Western society is not above criticism when it comes to gender equality, but women in other countries often face far greater problems than I ever will in suburban America. Nothing details this quite more clearly than FGM. Continue reading

I am a person of many great things. In that case, I am nothing.

The Dichotomy of Admiration

Sorry about the lame post Monday. I promise I am back and good health and ready to go!

Today is about the truth of ourselves and what people too often see as the truth. They can be two different things depending on what a person admires in another. Think of your favorite celebrity or role model. What are the things that raise them up in your eyes? Continue reading

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