Stream of Consciousness 39

I was so stressed out this week, I think I was vibrating. Maybe the coffee wasn’t a good idea each morning, but the holidays are approaching and things need doing. As for Christmas decorations in my apartment…. well, maybe next year. Here’s what’s been going on with my week! Continue reading Stream of Consciousness 39

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Voices of Women Silenced By Internet Trolls

As common users of the internet know well, every once in a while there is a picture, gif or video that shakes up the online world. Sometimes it’s light-hearted, like a grumpy cat or success kid meme. Other times, things get serious. Two such examples are the videos by Anita Sarkeesian on female tropes in video games and the street harassment video, featuring actress Shoshana Roberts. Honestly, I was excited when these videos made heads turn. Finally, we can have this very necessary discussion on sexism in our culture. Finally, women can feel welcome to share their experiences and join a public discussion on how they are made to feel on a daily basis. Perhaps most important, finally women can be threatened with rape and murder when they dare to speak their minds.

Wait, what?

Chapter TK - women's voiced are being silenced online by internet trolls Continue reading Voices of Women Silenced By Internet Trolls

Fearing Rape More Than Death

Death is said to be the greatest fear of the average person. I must not be average, then, because if someone held a gun to my head and tried to rape me, I would gladly take the bullet. Growing up, one of the nuggets of wisdom I received was to relax during a rape. If you fight back, you could die. If you just let it happen, you’ll live. That’s what’s most important, right? Well, I feel like that would work as well as ignoring my bullies worked. It wouldn’t.

Chapter TK - They say death is the #1 fear, but I find rape scares me even more. Continue reading Fearing Rape More Than Death

Building Honesty in Relationships

There was a day where I met my boyfriend at the rock climbing gym, like many days before. This day was slightly different, though. He was acting strange and made mention he had something to tell me. Whatever it was, clearly it was upsetting to him. He didn’t want to speak until we left and we could be alone. After an hour or so of climbing,we were walking alone to our cars. It was then he laid the big secret on me.

Healthy Relationships

Continue reading Building Honesty in Relationships

Waiting For Your Boyfriend to Marry You

For all my talk of avoiding young marriage, I’m fast reaching an age where that remains irrelevant to my situation. Next year, I will turn 25, effectively completing a fourth of my life. Saying I’m avoiding young marriage is hard to say when you’re not that young anymore. So why do I remain unmarried, especially after being with my boyfriend for nearly 6 years? How can I remain unbothered when I really do wish to be married some day?

Waiting For Your Boyfriend to Marry You Continue reading Waiting For Your Boyfriend to Marry You

Rise of Fandoms: Passion or Genius Marketing

John Green is quoted as saying, “Nerds are allowed to love stuff, like jump-up-and-down-in-the-chair-can’t-control-yourself love it. Hank, when people call people nerds, mostly what they’re saying is ‘you like stuff.'” These very true words may be why there are console wars between video game systems. It’s why there are Apple fanboys and fangirls, anime conventions and comic cons. Nerds love their stuff and love to talk, debate and argue their love. I am no different, admittedly expressing my disdain for both Apple and Xbox while praising the PlayStation and literally anything else but Apple. As Christmas draws nearer, I’ve caught myself wondering about the point of these ‘wars.’ If the serve a purpose, is that purpose for the fans, or for the corporations that create these devices?

Rise of Fandoms Continue reading Rise of Fandoms: Passion or Genius Marketing

Cherished Traditions and the Secularization of Christmas

I attended Catholic School for a good portion of my life and effectively obsessed over my religion. When the holiday season rolled around, I used to lament the secularization of the event. Fast forward to present day, and we find I am not nearly as religious as I once was. I may even qualify as nonreligious. That comes with a reduced enthusiasm for the Christmas season, and yet the secularization of the December holiday continues to astound me. Looking around, it seems the least religious among the people I know are the most excited for all the traditions of the holiday season.

The Secularization of Christmas

Continue reading Cherished Traditions and the Secularization of Christmas

The Fate of Creatives in an Office Environment

A good friend of mine once told me “creatives can never be truly happy in an office environment.” Having recently started a new job, I was quick to disagree. I feel happy and creative where I am. My writing skills are being used and improved. on top of that, they have invested in me, paying for me to attend classes for InDesign and other software. Creative work is digital as much as otherwise these days. The painter and his canvas is just as creative as the graphic artist with Photoshop. Perhaps we are coming upon a new world where creatives can not only be happy in an office, but thrive. Continue reading The Fate of Creatives in an Office Environment

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