We can't handle the idea that a human might be born outside the traditional definitions of male and female.

Crossroads of Female, Male and Intersex Genital Modification

About two weeks ago, I shared some thoughts on Female Genital Mutilation, or FGM. Being the subject of my senior thesis, I spent more than a year researching the practice, digging up facts, figures and cultural ideology. By the end, I was not only firming against FGM, but all forms of circumcision. There is no reason to mutilate healthy genital tissue, be those genitals on a male, female or intersex body. Outside of medical reasoning or the consent of the person being operated on, such procedures are always wrong. Continue reading

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The words about being better than drugs and love being like wine were meant to describe the love of God, but never specifically saying that, she choose to listen to the music with a different perspective.

Is Christian Music Only for the Religious?

These days, I happily listen to Christian radio. This may seem odd since I don’t have a church I regularly attend and am not 100% sure the beliefs I hold at this point count as Christian. Furthermore, when I was into a religion, I hardly ever listened to Christian music. In fact, I’m not sure I even knew there was religious music outside of church hymns until I went to college. It was there I made friends with a self-proclaimed pagan, the first to raise my awareness of Christian music. Continue reading

When the question about being a priest came up, I nearly raised my hand.

Millennial Motivations in Seeking Catholic Priesthood

When I was a young Catholic girl, I attended church with my parents every Sunday and heard prayers asking for more people to be called to the priesthood. They said half the priests would retire in the next 10 years and there weren’t enough incoming priest to replace them. That was more than 10 years ago, and I’m under the impression the Catholic church has yet to see the increase they were hoping for, at least in my area. I wonder if anyone thought to ask why. Why is the Millennial generation producing so few priests? Continue reading


Frostbite: Bring a Truly Deserving YA Series to the Big Screen!

nerdy side 2I’ll be the first to admit, the Vampire Academy movie was a bit lackluster (even though I saw it in the theater three times). Instead of focusing on the mystery of who was out to get these girls and having a serious discussion about depression, they made it into some odd Hunger Games meets Mean Girls hybrid. The movie wasn’t terrible, though. The biggest reason it didn’t do so well is because the money behind it gave up when they realized this wasn’t the same story as the Hunger Games and dropped the ball on advertising. That’s why we need Frostbite. Listen to me, please. The world NEEDS a Frostbite movie. It’s time we treat vampires like the truly terrifying creatures they are and realize that youthful recklessness can have permanent consequences.  Continue reading


Stream of Consciousness 023

 I’m busy this weekend, so this will be short. Nonetheless, I hope you enjoy.


Do you ever happen across blog who have been around about as long as you have and who seem to write content just as good as who do who are way more popular than you? WTF. What’s the secret? I can only imagine they don’t have much of a job outside of blogging or…. or I don’t know. Making a living blogging would make me near as happy as making a living writing a book.  Continue reading

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