Maybe we're focusing so much on getting married and not enough on having a good, healthy relationship.

Marriage Red Flags: Too Young or Too Soon

Last week, Jodie Paterson made an intriguing comment on my post about marriage. She suggested divorce has become ‘normal’ because people get married too soon in the relationship. I found this idea interesting, since people usually point to people getting married at too young an age as a high risk for divorce. While age certainly plays a part, perhaps the length of a courtship has an even larger influence.  Continue reading

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Women Ignorant of Feminism #WomenAgainstFeminism

One misfortune of my new job is that I have fallen far behind in my reading of Jezebel. Luckily, my dear friend Nerd of the Sands chats me up on Facebook, keeping me up to date on all the goodies. He brought my attention to a satirical article titled ‘Things I Learned From #WomenAgainstFeminism.’ Reading it reminded me that, amid all my discussions of feminism and gender equality, I was forgetting to victimize women and hate men. I’m really sorry, guys. I’ve lead you all astray. Continue reading

living wage

Defining the Complexity of Living Wages in America

Minimum wage workers have gone on strike time and time again to demand they be paid something they can live on. College graduates sink under their student loans, often unable to make their loan payments even with a salary a little above legal minimum wage. The proposed solution to these problems, increase minimum wage to a ‘living wage.’ Through all of this, I feel like the most important question isn’t being asked, let alone answered. What is a living wage? Continue reading

big pharma

What Make a Company Trustworthy or Biased?

Yesterday, a tanning salon from Canada happened upon my blog post about the possible health benefits of tanning. When I first saw the string of comments, I feared they were spam. After seeing they were honest comment (if a little biased), I decided to leave them published. Those comments got the response I thought they would – doubt. Of course a tanning salon would fight  for the idea tanning was a safe and healthy activity. That said, it left me wondering, regardless of the bias, who better to discuss tanning than a tanning salon? Continue reading

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