Loving Relationships Survive like Religions

Back in my days as a self-proclaimed dating expert (an experience I plan to reflect on this Friday), I wrote a post that has stuck with me through the years on relationships and religion. This particular article focused on how these two seemingly separate aspects of life are in fact very similar. They survive and die based on the same logic. When you think about it, it’s really quite intriguing. No wonder they say God is Love. I promise I’m not crazy. Let me explain. Continue reading

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Problems People Living Alone Will Understand

Since my late teens, I’ve always known I wanted to live by myself for at least a year. Being a burden is not something I ever want to be and it’s something I often felt like I was as a child. I think that’s where this idea was born. I also considered personal achievement. If I never lived by myself, how would I know I could survive by myself? This idea strengthened in college. I had friends whose parents lived together though they weren’t happy and would probably prefer a divorce. Unfortunately, they had become financially dependent on each other, so they stayed together. I never want that to be me. That’s not good for either party, friends or lovers. No one wants to exist close to someone knowing the only reason they stick around is because they financially couldn’t make it without you. Especially when it comes to a life partner, I never want the reason I stay to be money. Continue reading


The Generational Divide on Personal Health

You may have noticed I try to pay a significant amount of attention to my health. This interest doesn’t always seem to be welcomed and actually resulted in some people accusing me of having an eating disorder (well after there period of time I actually did have an issue). As I’ve continued my journey of health and life balance, I’ve noticed a bit of a trend. Is it just me or do Millennials care a whole lot more about their health than generations before? My parents once told me they frequently split a large pizza between the two of them in their 20s without giving it a second thought. I haven’t been able to eat that much without a second thought since I was 14. Can this really be a generational thing? Continue reading


The Burden of Positivity in Depression

I’m starting to wonder what happened to me on March 3rd, 2005. This time last week, I published Into the Darkness, a poem I interpreted with strength as it seemed to describe overcoming a surrounding darkness. For the first time ever, I have turned the page to find a poem written on the same day. In fact, it seems this poem is a sort of answer to the one published last week. Continue reading

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