Are Aliens Among Us?

The boyfriend had me watching this show about aliens over the weekend called Unsealed. I don’t shy away from the idea of aliens. Even if the chances are only one in a hundred billion that another place like Earth exist in the universe, the universe is infinite. We can’t be the only floating rock in the universe with life on it. However, that’s where my assurances end. I wouldn’t doubt that aliens had visited Earth or are visiting Earth if not for the fear mongering of these kinds of shows. They don’t play like a science or educational show. They play like a conspiracy theorist who wants to strike fear into the hearts of a population. So now, I am left to wonder… Continue reading

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The Logic of Religious Beliefs and Sidewalk Preachers

Religion and spirituality happen to be interests of mine. As such, there are a scattering of blogs on ChapterTK on religious subjects. For whatever reason, regardless of whether or not the blog is supportive of any given religious idea, I get a number of people who want to convert me after reading. I’d like to say this is my fault for daring to write about religion in the first place, but the fact is there are people all over the place trying to persuade people to their religion. I’m always a little flabbergasted at the preachers on the street corner, handing out Bibles and condemning people to hell. What makes them think their ideas are better than anyone else’s? Continue reading


Stream of Consciousness 028

The above CD cover is the self titled album by The Civil Wars.


Do any of you know a good way to search for new blogs? I’ve yet to find a search engine where you can type something like “vegetarian,” “final fantasy” or any other interest and be presented with blogs about that topic. It’s a little frustrating. Equally frustrating is that the blogs I read regularly seem to be posting less often. On one hand, that’s a good thing; it makes it easier to stay on top of those blogs. On the other, it means that I don’t have a lot to read during excessive amounts of free time. Continue reading


Inappropriate Staring in the Workplace

I make a point to avoid talking too much about my work, but this week I had something happen that took me aback. I’m not a particularly voluptuous woman and it’s only been recently that I’ve developed any concept of fashion. Perhaps that lead me to be especially uncomfortable this week, because I have never been made to feel this kind of uncomfortable in my life. Continue reading


The Confusion of Self-Fulfilling Prophecies

Teenagers routinely express this idea that no one understands. I was no different when I was 14. Sometimes I think that statement is a little funny, because I rarely told anyone how I felt. How can someone know how you feel if you don’t tell them? At the same time, I distinctly remember my problems and struggles being taken lightly. It didn’t happen all the time, but it happened enough for me to close up. So here I was, a self-fulfilling prophecy, crying that no one understood me even though I told no one anything to help them understand. Continue reading

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