My Broken Soul I See in Others

Today, I share one of those fun poems that reads almost like a story. I’ve mentioned how poetry was my way of figuring out the world. These writings I share every Wednesday helped me understand who I was. One of the best things about this piece is how it shows poetry did not really help me understand the world as much as people. The more I wrote, the more I wondered about my peers. As I watched them, I started to understand we were all hopelessly lost together. Continue reading

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How Much Do you Fear Police?

Confessions: Cops terrify me. Some of you may be rolling your eyes at me right now as, in my 24 years of life, I’ve only gotten pulled over once (and it wasn’t even my fault). Nonetheless, police are scary people to me. If I happen to have one behind me while I’m driving, my heart starts racing. I start double checking that I’m doing everything right and start to second guess where my registration is. These stories we’ve heard recently have not been helping anything. For me, it all comes down to the power cops have over the public. If a cop is doing something wrong or illegal to you, there is nothing you can do in the moment. All you can do is report them after the offense or attack has happened. While I’m sure the majority of cops don’t act that way towards the public, I can’t shake this fear. Now, I’m starting to wonder, is this fear irrational? How many share my fear? Continue reading


Loving Relationships Survive like Religions

Back in my days as a self-proclaimed dating expert (an experience I plan to reflect on this Friday), I wrote a post that has stuck with me through the years on relationships and religion. This particular article focused on how these two seemingly separate aspects of life are in fact very similar. They survive and die based on the same logic. When you think about it, it’s really quite intriguing. No wonder they say God is Love. I promise I’m not crazy. Let me explain. Continue reading


Problems People Living Alone Will Understand

Since my late teens, I’ve always known I wanted to live by myself for at least a year. Being a burden is not something I ever want to be and it’s something I often felt like I was as a child. I think that’s where this idea was born. I also considered personal achievement. If I never lived by myself, how would I know I could survive by myself? This idea strengthened in college. I had friends whose parents lived together though they weren’t happy and would probably prefer a divorce. Unfortunately, they had become financially dependent on each other, so they stayed together. I never want that to be me. That’s not good for either party, friends or lovers. No one wants to exist close to someone knowing the only reason they stick around is because they financially couldn’t make it without you. Especially when it comes to a life partner, I never want the reason I stay to be money. Continue reading

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