The Mythology of Female Gamers

I’ve written about being a gamer and nerd from a female perspective before, but ever since #GamerGate, I’ve been a little afraid to approach the subject. As luck would have it, I wrote down the idea to write on the mythology of female games in my planner before the fiasco of #GamerGate and that planner rules my life. So, here I am, a lone female gamer on the internet. Can life get any more terrifying? Continue reading The Mythology of Female Gamers

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Will We Fear What We Don’t Understand in the Future?

“We don’t like what we don’t understand and in fact is scares us, and this monster is mysterious at least.” These song lyrics from a 1992 Disney movie (bonus points if you can name the title) detail a trait of the human race. We fear what we don’t understand. For some reason, that fear turns to hate quite easily.  This has been the way of the world for some time, but I think it must be changing. How could it not be with the pace of technology these days? Given our acceptance of so much which we don’t understand, certainly hate will soon be a thing of the past. Continue reading Will We Fear What We Don’t Understand in the Future?

Stream of Consciousness 035


I have rediscovered my abs! Even though I only worked out once this week, I could feel it in my lower abs for day. I spent a large part of my life with my pelvis tipped forward. I’m not sure if this is what caused my lower back issues or if it was the other way around. Thanks to my Chiropractor, everything is in its right place. However, my abs spent their first 20 years stretched out and underused (my upper legs compensated). I’m really proud of my strong legs, but it takes forever to find my abs again.  Continue reading Stream of Consciousness 035

The United States Should Pull Out of All Wars and Global Issues

I have a number of opinions that I admit are rather extreme (don’t worry, I’m not above compromise), one of which is my opinion that the United States should help out no other countries until we’ve fixed our own. The only reason to spend tax dollars on something outside the United States is when we are directly threatened. When I express this opinion, 99.9% of people agree with me, but I don’t think most really understand what I mean. Could you really watch ethnic genocide in another country without begging your government to do something about it? Continue reading The United States Should Pull Out of All Wars and Global Issues

Why Does it Matter if Sexuality is a Choice?

When it comes to LGBTQ rights, there’s this big debate over whether sexuality is a choice. Most in the religious community say it is and most in the scientific community say it’s not. I’ve actually heard the argument there is no such thing as sexuality and the only reason we have it is because we assign gender norms. People use this debate as a condition of their support or lack there of for LGBTQ rights. I can’t help but wonder sometimes why it should matter if sexuality is a choice or not. Continue reading Why Does it Matter if Sexuality is a Choice?

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