Game Review: Final Fantasy XIII (PS3)

nerdy side 2What better way to celebrate my victory, yesterday, over Final Fantasy XIII then by posting a review? I knew I was close to the end, with one battle left to go, but I had no idea that was actually three battles! Two hours without a save point is exhausting! I’m also very sure the laws of physics are different in the world of XIII. I have no idea how Cocoon even exist with that huge hole in it. Fang and Vanille avoid a collision by doing this, which makes even less sense.  If you click on that link, know those are two planets. Maybe I’m the one at fault, though. How dare I expect a fantasy video game to make sense? Continue reading

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Stream of Consciousness 027

The above CD cover is In the Lonely Hour, by Sam Smith

BLOGERVERI keep rolling around my Google Hangout idea in my head. I’ve decided the first hangout will be at 7pm CST on October 1st. Again, this is meant to be a weekly blogger club of sorts, where we can all get together, talk about our blogs, ask questions and help each other out. It’s meant to focus on WordPress.com because when I look for blogging advice, it’s always on Blogger or WordPress.org. Where’ the love for WordPress.com? Continue reading


How Do We Define Virginity?

Walking to my grandmother’s house from high school one day, my friend asked an odd question. “So, if it goes in but he takes it out before anything comes out, are you still a virgin?”

“No,” I said. “I don’t think that’s how it works.”

“Oh,” my friend said, pausing. “Well, guess what!?”

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Ramblings of a Tortured Soul

Today’s poem is kind of odd in that it’s not a poem. I know many of these seem to be rambles, but this really is one. This is one of those pages I turn and see the real darkness I struggled with as a child. Sometimes, I feel guilty for saying I suffered depression. There are so many in the world who suffer more than I ever have. Yet, I felt this gloomy pressure penetrate my every thought. The following words were written in the middle of that dark place. Continue reading


The Logic of Sex and Trusting Your Partner

Is it just me, or is discussion of sex the most taboo topic in our society. We can freely talk about a man’s beheading or whether women should be allowed to breast feed in publish, but God forbid you mention sex. Don’t say you do it. Definitely don’t say you enjoy it. In fact, you should do nothing else about sex than feel shame that you would ever even consider giving in to such animalistic urges. I’m throwing those notions out the window today because I happen to enjoy discussions about sex. Specifically, let’s talk about premarital  sex! Continue reading

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